Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rehab for Deep Vein Thrombosis

So yesterday was the first day of my own rehab. Over the past couple of weeks I have figuring out what my base line is and building it from there. My overall plan is to hop on the bike (when I don't walk that day) and to build up my time and strength; build back my core stability; rebuild my upper body strength.

What did I do yesterday? Well compared to what I could do before this was absolutely pathetic! I used to be a long distance runner before I got sick a few years back and looking at what I was able to do yesterday just gives me the drive to get back there. Before I went into hospital I could easily bust out 50 press ups (man style as I like to call them) and easily walk 5 miles a day before my karate training at night. But hey-ho, that's not where I am now so I just need to be patient and build myself from the weak state that I'm in now.

Suggested Rehab Plan

So here's what I managed to do yesterday:
  • 10 mins on stationary bike
  • 10 bird dogs on stability ball (assisting core and to take some pressure off of knee)
  • 5 supermen on stability ball
  • 30 seconds of plank on stability ball
  • 5 push ups on knees
  • Thoracic extensions
Not great, huh? At least it's something to start with. Hopefully day two will be an improvement, I've got to walk to the GP tomorrow so we'll see what else I can do if I'm not too tired.

A great DVD to use if you're on rehab or just getting into fitness is Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I have used it before for getting back into exercise after an injury. Jillian's DVD is really easy to modify to a level that you require - I've even done it sitting down when doing only upper body exercises. Jillian is such an inspiration and gives you a plan that you can adapt for any stage of your life. Here's a link to Amazon's bestseller DVD and at $6 or £4 as an average price it's an amazing offer:

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