Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cheap Pedometers

Waking up yesterday was one hell of a challenge; my joints hurt, I had a headache, I was flu-y, and my leg was swollen and stiff - I tried out a new elevation position which worked for my right leg but not the left, the bad one. However, after a few hours of painkillers, injections and food I was feeling well enough to walk up to my doctors to pick up my prescription. Well, not only did I manage to walk up and back to the doctors (the pharmacy is in the same building) but we also decided to take a walk up and down the high street: YAY go me, I've walked a mile!!

Not only was I knackered when we got in but it was a struggle to get out of my jeans as my left leg had swollen up by 1.7 inches and was stuck at the calf! After a bit of wriggling I was able to free myself and get back into the pjs - much comfier for injections.

I also managed to do a couple of other bits today as well so here's a run down:
  • 1 mile walk - YAY longest distance since being out of hospital
  • Abs 10, part of Turbo Fire - I couldn't complete this workout on my base tests last week so I'm clearly making some improvements here
  • Stretching - calf and hamstrings as they get tight easily
So that's my progress for yesterday, let's see how I feel in the morning after all that walking and ab work.

I've also included an awesome pedometer that I use to work out how far I've walked in a day. An for the price it's a really good deal!

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