Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rehab: Day 7

CC courtesy of Daniel Conway, Flickr
Abs, abs, abs, abs, abs. That is my focus at the moment. I want a really strong core that can have boulders flicked off of them and have people run away in fear from me crunching them to death. 

Now my abs are not even close to those in the photo I still have my winter fat on there. Ok, not just from this winter but from many, many winters before that.

The plan to get these abs is to obviously do my ab workouts like I did yesterday but to also really nail my nutrition. At the moment I'm working on reducing my portion sizes by having my meals on a small plate or bowl and it seems to be working fairly well. However, chocolate and snacks still keep slipping their way in there, but one thing at a time.

Once I've got a bit more endurance back I'll be working on my cardio and getting some serious strength work going on. Here's what I did yesterday for my rehab:
  • 10 minutes on the bike - feeling rubbish today so I cut it short
  • Ab routine from Turbo Fire
  • 10 push ups - on knees
  • 10 squats
  • Thoracic extension
I'm going to be continuing along this path in April and then once May comes along I'm going to be doing Charlene's Turbo Jam.

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