My name is Rebecca and I'm here to document the discovery of this mystery disease that has been following me for the last four years and to also share and discuss my passion of health and fitness.

What Will I Talk About?

Before I became poorly I was a fitness and health nut and passionate about what I did so I'll be sharing my experiences on various fitness programs and sports that I participated in such as running and martial arts. You might want to check out my posts on running and fitness.
Since I can no longer continue in those activities as much as I used to I will also be discussing another topic that is literally close to my heart which is dealing with an unknown illness. I'll be exploring my disease, tracking it's progress on here and also sharing tips on how to deal with a variety symptoms that can really put a dampener on your day: fatigue, nausea and pain to name a few.

About Me

I like to workout. What can I say, it makes me feel great, keeps my mind sharp, helps me do my job better and also gets me off my butt for a few minutes each day. I've tried so many different forms of exercise from long distance running to martial arts to dancing and it's all been so much fun; change keeps you on your toes and keeps you working hard.
I'm not all about working out though, I've recently come out of University with a Masters in Music but I'm not done there I want to go back to do my teacher training and to do my PhD in alternative tuning systems. Once that has all been accomplished I want to get a lecturing position at a higher education institute to continue my research with like minded people and to teach my favorite subject. In the mean time I've had experience as a teaching assistant which was so much fun and such a rewarding experience however, it just wasn't paying the bills. So now I've got a great job working for a bank, I get to talk to people all day help them improve their financial situations at the same time.
Another passion of mine that I wont explore here is gaming. Now this ranges anywhere from video game on a pc or console to table top games like pathfinder and D&D. I meet up with a group every Friday to play through campaigns and it is awesome! 

Blogging Frequency

I aim to be blogging a couple of times a week based on my schedule. You can also follow through Google or sign up for email.

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