Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rehab: Day 17

Today wasn't particularly exciting, I spent most of the day making phone calls chasing up sick pay, fit for work notes and prescriptions. I managed to get down the steps with only one crutch today and up the stairs without. I didn't do much today as I had a rough night with episodes of cramps in my bad leg so along with the dvt pain I've had cramp pain to contend with as well - not great for rehab.

My recovery from 30 Day Shred has been pretty quick, my upper body is only a little weak and I wasn't as tired as expected. My fatigue is taking on a deeper hold so I'm going to have to start rest more, especially as I am going back to work tomorrow. Although it is only for 3 hours I'm fairly sure it is going to take it out of me by the time I get home.

What are your favorite rest activities? Movies, reading, painting, music? Let me know in the comments.

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