Friday, 27 April 2012

Life Can be a Pain in the Clotted Vein - Rehab: Day 24

She Canny Take It Captain! (Pretend I'm Scottie from Star Trek [Original])

I've clearly done more than I can manage this week - I'm absolutely knackered! My pain has been right up this week and my sleeping patterns have been off the rail, for example, I woke up at 10 to 9 (8.50am) this morning when I'm supposed to be leaving at 9am to get the bus to work. Well, I can certainly say that I still got to work on time but I didn't have any breakfast so I had a tummy ache with my pain killers. Needless to say I am currently not a fan of Factor V.

Pain is a Bitch (OK you can stop pretending I'm Scottie now)

For those of you out there who suffer from any form of chronic pain (pain that's lasted more than six months otherwise it's known as acute) it can be very persistent, no fun and a really pain in the ass! I couldn't get comfortable last night and this evening my muscles are just seizing up left right and centre. I'm thinking of upping my pain meds for a couple of days as it's clear that I'm not as well as I thought I was, I'm still going to go to work (for one I need the money) but I can't be galavanting off all over town like I have done this week.

I've also been getting a bit of discomfort in my chest as well. I'm not sure if it's my asthma playing up or the filter. To be honest I have been very, very, very bad with my asthma medication this week, I haven't taken my long acting filter for at least two weeks and it might very well be catching up with me - SHAME ON YOU (ME)! I think it's best to start the inhalers again tomorrow to get that one sorted, at least I'll then know if it's asthma or the filter acting up then.

Actual Rehab

I'm going to be having a good ol' stretching session this weekend to lengthen out my muscles and do some work on my thoracic spine and maybe with a roller to work out some kinks in my back and legs. As for rehab this week I've mainly been focused on getting to and from work, so walking basically. I've been averaging about 2 miles a day if I go into town afterwards (as we've established that's not a good idea at the moment) but only about a mile if I only go to work. I have a neat little pedometer (like the one below) that sits in my pocket all day counting up my milage - they're actually pretty motivational as I set myself little goals to accomplish during the day.

Side Effects

I'm getting some more side effects from my meds so on Thursday I'll be reviewing with the hematologist about alternatives even though I'm fairly sure I'm stuck with the clexane injections for at least another month. Anyway, the side effects I've been getting are:
  • Sore throat
  • Lip, tongue and mouth slits/cracks
  • Hair loss - starting to come out in clumps again (sad face here)
  • Hematoma - lumps on the injection site that get quite tender when touched at all
  • Bruising - I have a random bruise on my right (good) shin and I have no recollection of hitting it
  • Bleeding - where I'm running out of space on my tummy I'm starting to nick the artery/vein areas and draw blood from the injection site, I'm thinking of injecting on my thigh but at the moment I can't grab enough fat to avoid the muscle with the current 120mgs but tomorrow's my last day of them so I'll try on the 100mgs.
  • Mood swings - I think this is mainly to do with coming off of birth control (aaarrrrrggghhh)
Anyway, that's my little rant over. Go have a look on Amazon for funky stuff to buy (you might have guessed that I LOVE Amazon, it's just that I have soooo many vouchers for them) or go and check out some related posts if you really wanted to. For now though I am off to bed to see the wooden Indians (a phrase my Grandmother used to say when putting us to bed) and hope that Mr Insomnia doesn't pay a visit - I NEED SLEEP!!

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