Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rehab: Day 4

A fairly standard day yesterday. Nothing spectacular happened, I did my rehab routine and did a lot of reading. I tried to pick up the rest of my prescription but the pharmacy was closed even though they said to come in. At least I've got enough meds to get me through to Tuesday morning.

Here's what I did in my rehab:
  • 20 min cycle - 2x10 minutes
  • Ab 10 - still a bit sore from the last session but had a good stretch and got through it
  • 10 lower ab curls on the exercise ball
  • Thoracic extensions
The thoracic extensions have really been helping my upper back pain and I can really recommend it to everyone.


I had to stop taking oral contraceptives because of the DVT, apparently the hormones make it worse so I've finally come on my period after being 6 weeks late! Even though I am on tramadol at the moment for my DVT I'm still suffering with the period pain. My flow is also really bad, it's a lot heavier than I've been used to in a long time.

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with period pain any heavy flows? Please leave me some ideas in the comments, I'm suffering here!

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