Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is Dr House a Kindred Spirit? Rehab: Day 23.

My new addiction is House, M.D, he is my DVT kindred spirit and knows what it's like to experience the pain and muscle death that goes with it. The stabbing pains that I get seem to be coming back with greater intensity and frequency. I don't if that's because of my increased mobility or whether it's because the muscle is dying or if it's because the clot is moving around or if it's because of some increased swelling but on the other hand it could be something completely different.

I managed to walk about 2 miles today walking mainly around town. I got a text from a friend this morning saying she was stopping in the area overnight and could we meet up, well conveniently her train got in as I finished work so we went for lunch. I also managed to get a free lunch - hooray - as I paid for it with vouchers I got from completing some surveys.

I also got my M.E referral letter through today which explained that I'm now on the waiting list to see a specialist at one of their clinics. They didn't say how long it would be - I reckon at least 6 months - but that I would be getting some more details in the post soon enough. 

Work is going pretty well so far, I'll be back on the phones tomorrow talking to those wonderful customers who do insist on calling me. I had a meeting today to run through everything so far and managed to gross out my supervisor by explaining how they would clean out the vein if that's the next step - his face was priceless!

Have you ever managed to gross a boss out? Leave a comment so we can all have a good laugh!

Anyway, I better get some sleep. The insomnia is still being a bitch and not playing nice at the moment ... sigh... It's horrible being knackered and not being able to sleep. The only good thing that's keeping me going for tomorrow is that I get to wear black jogging bottoms to work - yay! My leg swells up too much for my work trousers so my left side gets very uncomfortable while I'm constantly pulling up the right side of my clothes as they're too big, hey-ho that's life though.

Anyway, sleep. Enjoy the links and go exploring on amazon, it's fun!

Things you (I) might like! Have FUN!


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