Monday, 2 April 2012

Compression Stockings and Fashion

Prescription compression stockings 

Well, they're certainly not something you would normally have in your wardrobe, especially in the summer. I bet you've been given wonderful white stockings if you've just come out of hospital or sandy colored ones from your GP and you're now wondering what the hell you are going to wear.

I suspect, if you're like most women (this applies to men too), you like to show off your legs from time to time with a nice skirt or pair of shorts but how the hell are you going to do that when you have to wear these compression stockings? Thankfully there are shops that cater for people who need this style of hosiery and there are a wide variety to choose from for any occasion.

During the summer time you might want to wear open toed shoes so they have designed stockings to go with them. There are also footless stockings if you want to wear open shoes to show off your pedicure. Perhaps it's not your feet you are concerned with but you want to show off your shapely legs, sheer stockings that look like tights or your natural skin tone are a great alternative for skirts, dresses and shorts.

If you're like me however, and you want to get back to your old athletic self but still need to wear the compression stockings during training then you'll need a specially designed athletic stocking. These have breathable material that don't lose their elasticity over time and are great if you need to be bare foot for sports such as gymnastics or martial arts. 

I hope that has provided you with a little bit of inspiration and adaption ideas for your spring and summer wardrobe while you are faced with the stockings. Just below are the compression classifications just incase you didn't know them.

Compression classifications

  1. Mild: 14-17 mmHg
  2. Moderate: 18-24 mmHG
  3. Strong: 25-35 mmHg
If you know of any great stores that do compression stockings let me know in the comments.

With the summer now upon us I have also found that I'm getting dry skin. I have created an article specifically targeted to people who suffer from dry skin but also wear compression stockings. If this is an issue for you then head on over to Dry Skin When Wearing Compression Stockings to find out how to treat it.


  1. "If you know of any great stores that do compression stockings let me know in the comments."

    There are various stores and great brands nowadays that you could choose from if you are in need of great compression stockings. You can buy on market and compression socks and stockings shops though personally speaking I always prefer online compression stockings store such as the Legs Therapy. :)

    And just to remind you, if you want to be comfortable as well as fashionable with your compression stockings, you must choose the right size, right color and above all the right brand.