Tuesday 3 April 2012

How to Decrease Bruising with Clexane

What is Clexane

Clexane is an injectable form of Heparin and is used to thin the blood, specifically working on the platelets. I have been using Clexane injections for the last month (and for the two at least) to bring down my platelet count, and to thin the blood, because I had an extensive blood clot (DVT) that ran from my belly button down to my left set of toes and also bilateral pulmonary embolisms before they put my filter in. Since then I have come up with a list of DOs and DON'Ts for self-injecting Clexane. If you already inject I suspect you will know about them and if you have any others please let me know in the comments.


  • Wash your hands and the area: this prevents infection
  • Pinch the skin
  • Inject into the subcutaneous fat (lower tummy)
  • Put the needle in fairly slow: you can test for any nerve clusters or to see if you've nicked a vein/blood vessel
  • Press the plunger slowly: I've found doing it quickly hurts more
  • Leave the air bubble in: not only do you waste valuable heparin but the air bubble is there to push it deep enough and to also ask as a 'plug'
  • Leave the area to breathe for a moment: putting clothes over it straight away hurts
  • Rest for a few moments: if you take a large dosage (up to 750mg) then the pain wont subside immediately and you should wait until you are comfortable again
  • Remember the good sites: try not to go through stretch marks as it will hurt like a monkey (my new phrase to prevent swearing so often)
  • Dispose of the needle in a sharps box


  • Have a hot bath or shower immediately before or after the injections: the heat with dilate the blood vessels making it worse
  • Ice the area: you might get freezer burn and you also wont be able to tell if you've hit a nerve cluster.
  • Rub or press the area: this can cause extra burning and bruising
  • Inject straight into the muscle
  • Inject into flat skin otherwise the above might happen
  • Push the air bubble out
  • Through the needle in the bin, use a sharps box
I hope these tips will make your injections a bit more tolerable. If you're like me and you have to do them twice a day remembering these tips will certainly help.

Creams to Reduce Bruising

Arnica is a homeopathic treatment that has been around for years and still proves to be an effective treatment for bruises. It is also being introduced as a treatment for post-thrombotic treatment to reduce the pain that goes with it.

Mr Bump Bruise Soother is a little something for the kiddies. I know that it hurts when you knock yourself and if you got something bright and funny it helps to take away the pain. The product is also good at healing the bruises too.

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