Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Beachbody: Review of Charlene's Workouts is a fantastic site that I have used for many years to get fitness program and inspiration from. They have a great team of fitness and nutrition specialists that put together a whole variety of regimes to fit your fitness goals whether it's to lose fat or to gain muscle there will be something there for you to try.

Their website is great and has forums for support along with some great supplemental products, top of the range fitness equipment and of course the actually programs themselves. I'm going to provide you with a list of the programs that they offer - fitness and nutritional - with my opinion of it if I have actually tested it myself.

Let's start off with Charlene who is awesome!

Turbo Jam

This is a great program if you love to dance. Charlene is a great source of inspiration to get you up and moving to the music that she made and/or edited herself (she's a DJ too).

The actual program is based on cardio, kick-boxing and body weight toning sessions (weighted gloves are optional). You also get a great nutrition book that teaches you exactly what you should be eating in the long term to keep healthy.

At $60 straight from it is fairly decent price (minus the P&P) but worth the investment if you are serious about working out. There are also alternative options to make you purchase such as eBay and Amazon.

Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin' Workouts

Turbo Fire

Another of Charlene's fantastic programs which is based around HIIT sessions, kick-boxing, toning with bands, and yoga. This is essentially one step up from Turbo Jam and will definitely get you results if you really stick with the program and eat right.

This program is a bit more expensive than Turbo Jam coming in at $120 but you are seriously getting what you have paid for here.

If I couldn't love Charlene anymore she's also got a program that gets into some serious weight lifting along with her awesome kick-boxing cardio workouts.

Coming in at $90 along with the nutrition pack and thigh toner this is a fantastic program that has seen some fantastic results.

Charlene also has a variety of additional programs that supplement the main workouts listed here. You can find all of Charlene's products on

So what's your favorite work out? Leave a comment and we'll see what is the most popular.

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