Monday, 23 April 2012

Do not approach unless you have chocolate! Rehab: Day 21

Pain has been a bit of an issue today, my leg has been swollen and sore and my joint have been exactly the same because of the crappy weather. I hate being cold and wet as it make everything so much worse. I did manage to walk 1.5 miles today though and had a fairly productive day at work.

I really need to get organized during my day, at the moment it's a case of going to work and then coming home and doing whatever. I think with all of the writing that I need to be doing I need to dedicate a certain amount of time to each project so that I'm not wasting my time.

Tomorrow I've got a scan at the hospital to see how my blood clot is doing. I'm hoping that it has cleared a little bit, although with the pain that I've been getting I'm really not sure what's going on at the moment. Does anyone know if you get pain when a clot is being broken down? This is my first major internal clot so I have no idea what it's supposed to feel like while it's healing.

Anyway, I better get to bed with the hot water bottle. Even though I slept without the compression stockings last night they will be staying on tonight because of the cold and damp. I'm thinking hot water bottle, dressing gown, duvet and blankets for warmth tonight - over board? I think not, it's freezing here at the moment!

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