Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Lupus Genes Idenitified

I came across and article today that announced the discovery of three new genes that are linked to Lupus.  The three genes are : IRF8, TMEM 39a, and IKZF3. A quote from the article explains their significance:

"The researchers found that the genes IRF8 and TMEM39a are associated with lupus in European-American, African-American, Gullah (a distinctive group of African-Americans in Georgia and South Carolina) and Asian patients. The gene IKZF3 is only significantly associated with lupus in African-Americans and European-Americans."

Although they do no yet know which roles the genes play in Lupus it is an important step in figuring out how genetics play and important role. By researching both environmental and genetic risk factors Lupus patients can get better and quicker diagnoses and therefore better treatment, and, perhaps once more research has been established, a cure.

How has Lupus effected your life? Whenever I get transfered to another physician their immediate reaction to my illness is Lupus. I have been tested countless times for it but it's never Lupus. Perhaps that's what I do have but they don't know what their looking for yet so can't fully diagnose.

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