Monday, 9 April 2012

Rehab: Day 6

CC courtesy of lintmachine via Flickr
What can I say? Yesterday was a very lazy day indeed. The only "active" thing that I did was to drive 2 miles in the car; I was legally allowed to drive for the first time in forever so I thought I'd go for a spin and test my leg out - wasn't so bad but boy were my brakes sticky.

I'm still having period problems which no doubt contributed to my extraordinary laziness. I'm still suffering with the clotting problem but the flow seems to have eased off a tad. I've been speaking to my Mum and Gran about this and they said that they suffered too until the had kids. Great. It seems my only hope to cure this is to go and have kids. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Hopefully I'm going to be on track for my next workout, it's vital that I keep up with my rehab even though it's a slow and steady approach. Consistency is key is the advice that I'm always given. We'll see how the fatigue pans out, I should be able to get some stretching in at least.

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