Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rehab: Day 9

CC courtesy of Tayrawr Fortune, Flickr
This is how my stomach feels. The bruises aren't that dark, they are still light red - yellow but the skin underneath is so sore. I'm rapidly running out of places to inject, I might have to start using my inner thighs but that is a risk for the clots that are there - what would happen if I nicked the major vein in my groin?

My planned rehab for yesterday just didn't happen because I felt so rough. Then pain was starting to come back in my left leg so I have returned to my stated dose of pain meds, clearly now is not the time to be reducing. I did, however, end up going out for an impromptu lunch with the other half and his uncle which was nice. I ended up having a small walk whilst we were looking for somewhere to eat so I don't feel that guilty about missing some rehab.

I'm going to the hematologist at the hospital today for my pre-op consultation. I really don't want them to take out the filter, I feel so much safer knowing that there is something preventing my death if a bit of clot comes off. I also need to talk to the about the heavy periods and sore stomach - there has to be a solution to these, I can't go on forever like it, it's just not possible.

I'll provide an update with the hospital, returning to work, and how my rehab went either later or most likely tomorrow.

Have a great day!  

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