Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Day of Rest - Rehab: Day 26

Today was absolute bliss. I did nothing! Well, that's a lie as I spent the day updating the blog, pottering around doing housework, eating, napping and watching House. The best thing though was that I was able to get my legs up for a good amount of time to get some swelling down.

I slept for quite a long time last night without the compression stockings on and the swelling was pretty good when I woke up. I've got a skinny little ankle at the moment and a big ol' swollen thigh where the head of the clot is. I can actually feel the clot if I follow the vein down my leg but it's really tender to touch so I don't do it all the time (ha, like I would anyway).

My feet have also been hurting quite a bit but they always do whenever I up my milage on them. A soak in the bath and a foot rub tomorrow will sort them right out - pass the lotion I need separate those muscle fibers!

I started on the 100mg Clexane injections and I'm not a fan of them - I miss the 80mgs which is odd seeing as they all hurt like hell. The needle is the same size of the 120mgs which is starting to become a problem. My stomach is black and blue and I keep hitting the muscle because I can't grab enough fat where I've lost weight. I might have to start doing them in my right thigh (still too much swelling on the left) on round on my sides but that will really hurt either way. I'm hoping that on Thursday Dr Mannering (hematologist) will tell me I'm on the last set of injections and that I can go on to Warfarin after otherwise I'm going to have some problems on the injection sites.

I'm going to start doing some yoga/stretching everyday and I long session at the weekends because my bad leg is tightening up again. This morning I couldn't straighten out my leg where the hamstring was so tight - it might even fix my foot pain.

Right, that's me done for the day. I'm off to watch some more House and get some more sleep.

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