Thursday, 22 March 2012

Learning to Walk - Rehab Plan

So far I have only been able to walk to my GP, which is a 1/2 mile round trip, once a week and that just exhausts me so I can't do anything else. I've got some rehab exercises that will help improve


I've decided that I need to start building up my core again as that will help to stabilize me when I'm walking around or doing anything really. I've got a variety of ab/core routines from the Turbo series, P90x, Insanity and Charlene Extreme so I'm going to be set for a while on those. I'll let you know how my core is improving, I'll be posting up some base stats as a benchmark and see how we go from there.


As for the picture of the bike, I managed to not only get on the machine but to cycle for 5 minutes on the easiest setting. I got to 5 minutes and my leg was already fatigued, I thought about pushing through for another couple of minutes but my calf was already swollen and tight so I elevated it straight away so that the blood and fluid could return. Not only does cycling help return motion to my muscles but also helps in building strength and speed with very little pressure on the joints. It will also help my lung capacity return to normal as I breathe deeper through the cardio sessions.

Keeping track 

After years of manually tracking my progress on countless spreadsheets I found Dailyburn that allows me to track pretty much anything I need. It has workout sections, nutrition, challenges, and forums to pose any question that you might have. It's a great little tool and would recommend it to anyone looking to track their nutrition, body stats and workouts.

Has anyone else had to go through any rehab? Any tips would be great!

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