Sunday 25 March 2012

Coming Off of Hormonal Birth Control


I've just come across this article that talks about coming off the pill. This is a personal issue for me at the moment as I had to come off my oestrogen based contraceptives when I went into hospital with my DVT as they are a risk factor. In the referring article the author basically talks about her experience coming off the pill; waiting for her cycle to regulate, waiting to ovulate again, the damn cramping, and the bitchy mood swings.

My Experiences So Far

Some of the biggest problems I've got at the moment are the hormone swings, random outburst of crying and [TMI warning] really tender and swollen breasts. My skin is also going a bit weird as well, to start with it's really dry on my face but tends to be oily elsewhere.

Cravings are a nightmare especially as food is still a bit of an issue with me; when I was in hospital and when I first came out I had no appetite whatsoever. However, that is now changing for the better, my appetite is getting better and I can normally manage three small meals a day (I'm talking about saucer sized plates here) but the thing that's driving me crazy at the moment is my brain and the craving signals it is sending at the moment. When all you want to do is stuff your face with chocolate and pizza but barely get through a couple of mouthfuls it can be pretty frustrating, but on the other hand it has been really good for weight loss; 7kg since my hospitalization and that's just from lying on my back constantly. Fruit juice has helped in slowing my weight loss to a pound or two a week which is much more acceptable in my books.

One of the subjects that the author covers is becoming fertile again. I'm sure one of the biggest concerns most women have, when choosing a birth control that tampers with their hormones, is how is this going to effect my fertility later on in life? The answers I've been given so far are a little disconcerting, for some women they'll get straight back on the a regular ovulation and menstruation pattern but for others it can take years even after some medical intervention to jump start the system - normally achieved with a shot or pill form of progesterone. 

I'll be covering different types of contraception in a later post. However, in the mean time do  you have any concerns about hormone controlled contraceptives? Have you had any experience coming off the pill? What are your concerns regarding fertility? I'd love to hear your comments and advice.

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