Saturday, 31 March 2012

Positive Body Image

Body Image

Do you ever catch yourself thinking 'I'll start [insert activity here] when I'm lighter/ healthier/ prettier/ smaller' etc? Good news if you're not alone in that train of thought as a lot of people think like this. Bad news is that it is not a great frame of mind to have for promoting a positive body image for you present self in the here and now.

Amber from has written a smashing article about body image and how it effects everything! She talks about how you don't need to lose the weight to live your life when you can just be getting on with it now. The basic crux of her article is to love who you are now not what you expect to be, you should learn to accept how your body is now with all its curves and dimples as it's the only one you'll ever have.

Head on over to her site and check it out or take a look at these other resources on how to improve your body image and self worth.

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Overcoming Body Image Problems including Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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