Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Improving Upper Back Pain

Always Listen to Your Mum!

If you have a desk job or sedentary lifestyle like a lot of people you might have the hunched rounded look in your shoulders and upper back. I've decided I should listen to my Mum more often, she was right about sitting up straight as it does help your back and prevent problems later down the line.

Sloping Shoulders

Having the 'hunch' or rounded shoulders just isn't good for you and is often very painful, and if it goes on for a long time it can also take a long time to cure - think physiotherapy and pain killers. However, I can across this great little stretch that is really helping my back pain and hunchiness in my upper back, shoulders and neck: it's called thoracic extensions.

Improving your posture with this little exercise can not only bring you relief but it can also help you to make gains in your fitness regime as well. By having a better posture you'll be able to do push ups more effectively, lift harder and for longer in your squat sessions and also help you relax your upper body when you're walking or running.

I'll be honest with you, this isn't a quick fix, nor will it will be comfortable. If you're serious about looking after your body and undoing any bad habits you've picked up over the years then you'll certainly take a look a thoracic extensions and add them (or something similar) to your wellness arsenal. I've been doing these a couple of times a week for a month or so and I can definitely say that my back (and hips) are feeling a lot better from it and I will be continuing even when I fell 'fine'.

How to Improve Upper Back Pain

Here's a video courtesy of  YouTube to show you how it's done properly - you can even make the little device at home if you don't already have access to a foam roller.

Have fun and let me know how you get on with these.


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  3. Yes. You should listen to your mother. Always sitting upright is definitely a great solution to prevent back pain. It maybe is hard to follow, especially to those who are already used to sitting in their own way, but if you practice, you’ll get used to it too. It’ll give you good posture that will keep your whole body in good condition.

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