Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An Alternative Outlet for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I came across an article called 'ArtSunday: "trapped in our bodies" - coping with chronic fatigue syndrome through photography' published in Scholars and Rogues. Here the author is talking about alternative methods for dealing with the frustrations, worries and sometimes hopelessness that comes with the disease.

The photography, on the other hand, not only helps to represent what CFS sufferers go through on a daily basis but it also serves to raise awareness of the disease: how it is real and not just in our heads as once thought.

There is still a large proportion of medical community who will only treat it as a mental condition, prescribing anti-depressants and counseling, when really there is an under-lying cause to these draining symptoms that vary from person to person, but most notably fatigue is the main problem and linking factor.

I would highly suggest reading this article as it may give you some ideas to release your own frustrations in life.

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