Wednesday 30 May 2012

What is Clexane Used For?

I've had a couple of people asking me what my injections are for (I have to do them at work sometimes) and then I get the follow up questions of, what, why and how. This little article will explain what it is, what it is used for, how you use it and what the side effects are.

What is Clexane

Clexane contains a medicine on enoxapain and is part of a group of medicines called Low Molecular Weight Heparins. It works by preventing blood clots from forming in the blood and also by stopping existing blood clots from getting any bigger which helps your body to break them down and stop them causing damage.

What is Clexane Used For

Clexane, as mentioned before, is used to treat clots that are in the blood, and to prevent clots when you have unstable angina, after operations or long periods of bed rest due to illness, after you have had a heart attack. It is also used to stop blood clots forming in the tubes of your dialysis machine and during pregnancy if you are at risk for clotting.

Clexane Dosage

Depending on your need for Clexane will depend on your dosage. See below for the following descriptions:
  1. Treating blood clots that are in your blood
    1. The usual dose is 1.5mg for every kilogram of your weight, each day
    2. Normally taken for at least 5 days
  2. Stopping blood clots forming in your blood in the following:
    1. Unstable Angina
      1. The usual amount is 1mg for every kilogram of weight, every 12 hours
      2. Normally given for 2-8 days.
    2. After an operation or long periods of bed rest
      1. The usual dose is 20-40mg each day, depending on your clotting risk.
      2. Low-medium risk you are given 20mg each day, the first injection will usually be given 2 hours before your operation.
      3. If you're at a higher risk you will be given 40mg each day, the first injection is normally given 12 hours before your operation.
      4. If you are bedridden due to illness, you will normally be given 40mg of Clexane each day for 6-14 days.
    3. After you have had a heart attack
      1. Clexane can be used for 2 different types of heart attack called NSTEMI or STEMI.
        1. NSTEMI type of heart attack
          1. The usual amount is 1mg for every kilogram of weight, every 12 hours for 2-8 days
        2. STEMI type of heart attack
          1. If you are under 75 years old 30mg of Clexane will be given as an injection into your vein and an injection under your skin (dosage 1mg for every kilogram of weight), every 12 hours for up to 8 days.
          2. If you are over 75 years old you will be given an injection under the skin every 12 hours (0.75mg for every kilogram of weight)
  3. Stopping blood clots from forming in the tubes of your dialysis machine
    1. The usual dose is 1mg for every kilogram of weight which is added to the tube leaving the body at the start of the session which is normally enough for 4 hours. However, your doctor might give you a further 0.5-1mg if necessary.

How Do I Use Clexane

If you are going to self-inject you will be taught how to by your doctor or district nurse.
Before you inject yourself be sure to check the syringe for damage and make sure you know the amount you're injecting. Here's a short video demonstrating how to do the injection:

What Are the Side Effects

There are a variety of side effects that you can get with Clexane just like with any other medication. Here is an article detailing the Side Effects of Clexane.


I will mention one of the main side effects though as it is such a big one: bruising. I have included an article that elaborates on things you can do to Decrease Bruising with Clexane. I've also included some links to Arnica products as I've found that these help a lot with reducing bruising when it rears it's ugly head. Home Remedies For Bruising -Click Here!
Arnica Products If you're a user of Clexane just remember that you will have good days and bad days with this medication. I can sometimes go a week with the perfect injection every time (straight in, no blood, or bruising) but then I can also suffer from hypersensitivity to the needle, hematoma forming and extensive bruising all at the same time. So as the Dalai Lama says Live One Day at a Time and all will be well.

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