Friday, 4 May 2012

Wasted Day or Time Spent Recovering - Rehab: Day 31

I've had a bit of a mixed day today - good news, bad news, strenuous activity, resting. I had the day off work to go to the hospital today for my check up with Dr Mannering but that'll be my last one with him as he is leaving the hospital in 3 weeks. My care is being transfered to Dr Kasmi another hematologist who was looking after me when I was in hospital.

Scan and Blood Results

The good news is that my blood results where right were they're supposed to be at the moment but I still had to go for a another test because they changed the clexane dosage. The bad news is that I'll have to be on them for at least another 3 months before they'll even consider the warfarin - I'm sorry tummy, it looks like we'll be stabbing you for quite a while yet.

More good news: my chest pain isn't related to my filter. The pain I've been feeling over my breastplate is muscle fatigue from the crutches and the pulmonary embolism recovery. I had my chest and heart listened too and there's no fluid, crackling or wheezing going on so it's all within the normal parameters. Obviously if I get some really bad pain or breathlessness I need to go straight to A&E even for a bad asthma attack as a clot in my lung could've moved.

On to the scan. Dr was pleased with my mobility and swelling results but the scan results weren't great. The reason the filter is staying in is because the clot hasn't changed dramatically. Like I said in a previous rehab post the clot has a trickle of blood flow in the middle of the femoral vein but that's about it. They can't go in with a clot busting drug because the clot is too old and I would risk having a serious internal bleed if they went ahead with the procedure.

What Next?

I'm scheduled to have another scan in 6-8 weeks to check on the progress of the clot and to have another blood test. In the meantime I'll be getting some better compression stockings to help with the venous insufficiency, meeting with Dr Kasmi and generally trying to get stronger and fight off this fatigue. If I need anything in the meantime then my GP will be looking after me.

Soo, the Title?

The reason for the title is because I had planned to do a few productive things with my day off but as it happens my little trip to the hospital really tired me out. I don't know what was so different this time but I got home, had lunch and could barely keep my eyes open. I went to bed for 4 hours managed to make some dinner and since then I've just been completely knackered. At least I've only got 4 hours work tomorrow then I'm off till Tuesday because of the bank holiday - when you're on rehab hours you don't have to work bank holidays or weekends.

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