Thursday, 24 May 2012

Deep Vein Thrombosis Rehab Update and Weight Lifting Gloves

Rehab Update

My rehab has come to a stand still lately. I've been talking to the doctor about getting some physio but she said I'm still far to risky for that sort of treatment so I have to muddle on as I have been, stay on the clexane and take everyday as it comes.


The pain in my leg has been on and off the last few days but I seem to becoming more aware of it than I have been. I don't know if it's more pain/damage or if the meds aren't working as well or if I'm just noticing it more. Either way it is pain and it's still there bugging and hurting me.


I had a really bad fever on Sunday night/Monday morning, so bad that I had to call into work sick. I'm not really sure what caused it as nothing has changed in my routine. It might have been a reaction to my meds (I have them sometimes) or a bit of clot might have moved off making my body freak out a bit. I haven't had one since but I'll still be mentioning it at my next check up.

The Heat Is Killing Me!

It's been over 25 degrees for the last week in the UK and the heat is killing me! Because I have to wear such strong compression stockings it is preventing my body from releasing heat effectively which is creating more exhaustion which, in turn, is playing havoc with my fatigue. Sweating and not cooling effectively is creating stress within my body that it could really do without right now. I have learnt a few tips to keep cool in the summer, especially if you have to wear compression stockings of suffer with M.E or CFS.

Tips for Dealing with Heat

  • Keep hydrated: sip on water and cool liquids throughout the day
  • Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day
  • Wear lose fitting clothing: this allows your body to breath and cool effectively
  • Use a fan: this will help to remove the sweat thereby making it easier to cool
  • Keep your legs elevated as much as possible: the heat will cause additional swelling in your legs to keep them up to help reduce it
  • If medically possible try and switch to a lighter compression stocking that is breathable

York Weight Lifting Gloves

I've had people asking me where I got my gloves from. I purchased these gloves a couple of years ago from Amazon and they are still faring strong after a lot of wear. I'm currently using these to prevent blisters while I'm using crutches and they are doing the job well They provide me with the extra padding that I need along with a strong grip that has never failed me. However, due to their material on a hot day they will make my hand sweat but they absorb moisture well, just be sure to wash them every do often.

When I have used these for weight lifting they have given me exactly the same great experience: nice padding and strong grip. 

If you're on crutches and you're suffering with bruises, or you're getting into weight training and are getting calluses, I can highly recommend these inexpensive gloves. They have lasted me well over two years, coming up to three, and they are only just started showing a tiny bit of wear on the palms. Click on the link to get your own pair of York Weight Training Gloves.

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