Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nausea, Sweating and Headaches - Rehab: Day 32

One of the worst feelings I can have is of feeling sick, or actually being sick. The stomach squirming, icky taste and 'sick burps' are all nasty things I can live without. But that's exactly what I got this morning, a horrible batch of nausea that lasted for most of the day. I find that the only thing that will settle my stomach when I have this is coke, the problem I had with that today though is that I gave up fizzy drinks in January. I bit the bullet though and got a small can of Diet Coke and while it certainly made me feel a bit better it didn't taste great, in fact, it tasted gross! I don't want to drink that again for a long time.

I figured out why I'm sweating so much recently and it's not down to the heat. I was reading my pain med leaflet and sweating was a common side effect: tramadol makes me sweat. I think with the heat and the compression stockings it just made everything worse. I guess that's something I'm going to have to start dealing with seeing as summer is just around the corner (through all this rain).

I'm hoping that these headaches that I've been getting are due to my menstrual cycle as I used to get them around the time of my period anyway. Since coming off of birth control back in February I've only had one period so it's really difficult to tell when I'm supposed to be on. The symptoms will be there for a couple of days and then I'm fine for another week, I think it's just a waiting game at the moment until everything settles down again.

My question to you today is: have you ever had any weird side effects from any prescribed or over the counter medication that you've ever taken? Leave me a comment if you want to share.

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