Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Free Upper Body Workout - Rehab Days 35 and 36

The Continuous Battle with Fatigue

I'm still fighting the never endingbattle with my insomnia and fatigue. It's got to the point now that I'm forcing myself to go to bed early just to rest, it doesn't matter if I can't sleep too much it's the importance of elevation for my leg and letting my mind relax, otherwise I'd just go crazy! 


I've found that if I structure my time a bit more then I have some more energy to play with during the day and evening, even if I'm having a bad pain day. By giving myself an hour and a half to get ready in the morning for work I can potter around getting myself ready, taking my pills and doing my injection without rushing. This works for me because if I get tired getting ready for work (a frequent occurrence at the moment) I can have a break and then get on with it. The same applies for after work too, I think if this new structure works then I can start going back to karate once a week. If the new structure doesn't work then I'll tweak it until it does, karate will just have to sit on the back burner for now (not happy about that).


CC Courtesy of Kenteegardin, Flickr
Pain is not a fun thing to live with. Fact. I've been walking around on crutchesnow since April and I've just started to get this blister on my left palm. It's really painful and red where I have to put pressure on it to walk any decent distance; pottering around the house I can do without the crutches because I can grab hold of things for balance and weight bearing.

The plan to get my hand healthy again is to wrap it up in gauze so that I create an area around it for the crutch to rest on when I'm using it. That way I can still walk whilst the pressure point/blister is healing. 

Women's Issues (talking personal here, be WARNED)

I had a bit of a shock from my body, my periodcame. I wasn't expecting it at all so when I went to the bathroom, well, you don't need to know those details... Problem is that I'm still bleeding quite heavily which I've been told would happen because of the clexane injections (they thin the blood and make it harder for me to clot) but I was hoping that where we reduced my dosage it would make my periods a bit more manageable. Clearly not. I'll be manning up through this one again as my tramadol pain meds don't even touch my period pains, which is saying something seeing as it's a step down from morphine and it's currently suppressing the muscle death pain in my leg!

My Free Upper Body Workout

It's simple, you don't need expensive weights or do thousands of pushups, just get a pair of crutches and hey presto you can get an awesome upper body workout right there. I'm not kidding, my pecs (chest muscles) are really starting to get some definition which is great for getting perkier boobs! My shoulders are looking better and I'm getting definition on my back which I've never had before. 

I don't want you going away without some form of workout so here an awesome little video I found that will give you some great ideas on getting a chest of steel too. BodyRock is great, they provide loads of circuit videos that range from beginner to advance so if you want some short workouts head on over there and give them a go.

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