Monday, 25 June 2012

10 Sneaky Ways To Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

Water is Essential to Life

Drinking water is essential to life, if you don't drink you will die it's as simple as that. However, drinking optimum amounts is often difficult and with the addition of tea, coffee, soda, milk and other beverages you might come across it can actually be quite hard to get pure water into your daily routine. 

The DailyBurn Blog have written a neat little article called 10 Sneaky Ways To Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water which gives you great ways to get more water into your system. 

As you probably know water helps you to keep hydrated and also helps the body to eliminate toxins from your system, including pollutants and things like alcohol. It also helps with making your skin look great too. Check out my other article on the importance of drinking water if you want to find out some more information.

Drinking Humor

There are some great humorous drinking products out on Zazzle at the moment. If you like to have a laugh or know someone who would appreciate them then check out these:

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